cRIO GPS w/PPS output



This GPS module can either be used as stand-alone or embedded into National Instruments equipment. The GPS is C-Series compatible (NI standard), and hence easy to use together with NI-cRIO or equivalent.

The GPS can output any NMEA telegram, is easy to set up, and has a PPS output which provides a time-reference accuracy of +/- 1 microsecond.

NSE has released a new version of the cRIO GPS which is FPGA compatible with NI cRIO chassis, which implies that both NMEA data and PPS can be accessed directly from the FPGA. The system is easy to use, and will be delivered with LabVIEW  code examples of how to create an absolute timestamp for your application.





Customer feedback:
Our experience with Mar-In GPS module was great. We have tried similar modules from different providers but this one was the only one who perfectly matched what we needed for our application. Technical support was great too...we quickly resolved all issues that we had during the integration of the GPS module into our system/application.

Tino Mihajlovik - Digitexx - Macedonia